My Brief Bio

Ephraim Percy Kenyanito is a Legal Consultant/ Policy Analyst working on the connection between African ICT & Media Law, Human Rights, Intellectual Property Rights and International Development. He is an affiliate at the Internet Policy Observatory (IPO) (at the Annenberg School of Communication, University of Pennsylvania). He is a member of the UN Secretary General’s Multi-Stakeholder Advisory Group on Internet Governance; the Freedom Online Coalition’s Digital Development and Openness Working Group; the Global Internet Policy Observatory’s (GIPO) Advisory Group; the Advisory Group for Code Red (a global initiative to accelerate reform of security organisations); and the interim steering committee for the Youth Coalition on Internet Governance (a Dynamic Coalition of the UN IGF).

Previously, Ephraim worked on Democratic Governance, Transparency and International Development with a diverse-range of organizations (Transparency International, AccessNow.Org, Index On Censorship, MercyCorps and Centre for Law and Research International, East African Community Secretariat and the Kenyan Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Trade, Global Voices Online, The Daily Journalist, European Journalism Centre’s “ThinkBrigade Project” and through “The Diary of a Global Citizen”). He also served as an Independent Expert of the Implementation Advisory Group for Competition, Consumer Trust and Consumer Choice (IAG-CCT) at ICANN among other working groups.

He holds a Bachelor of Laws- LL.B (with Honours) and has previous training in Internet Policy and Media Law from University of Oxford and University of Pennsylvania. His LL.B thesis examined the Relationship Between Domain Names And Geographical Indications with a special focus on .wine and .vin applications.